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Stroke of Luck 

eBook - $8.95   Paperback - $19.00

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In his debut book Steven De Christopher, Jr. is inspiring and motivating. He chronicles his journey from near death due to a massive stroke and the grueling process to recovery. He states "it was the worst day of my life and the best day." He recalls the turn of events that would let him return home five months later from an acute care facility. Those five months helped shape him into a different person, a better person, It was A Stroke Of Luck. He describes the frustrations of returning home and navigating what was his new normal. Stroke therapy, choosing new doctors, money concerns, and reinventing himself with a mid life career change were all roadblocks that had to be faced. Through it all Steven found his religion and spirituality to be more meaningful ever before and that every cloud has its silver lining , if you look for it. Even tragedy has opportunity. 

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Life is Poetry


available soon 

Our path in life is forever changing. From a small child to an adult caring for your parent. Some experiences are more memorable than others, each one shapes who we are. Life is Poetry chronicles the author experience thru the years. Some are funny memories, while others reflect just how life is, the good times and the unexpected. In this uniquely written book, each poem is accompanied by the back story that gave its inspiration. 

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