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About Steven De Christopher

Steven De Christopher Jr. had a love for art and drawing early in life. In his youth he had dreamed of a life as an artist.  He chose a different path, still using his creativity and artistic talent, but on a bigger canvas, when he decided to join his famous Interior Designer father in the family business.


Together they have created beautiful interiors all over California, as well as landscapes, remodels and corporate offices.  Steven, Jr. extended his interest with new home design.  He also gave many classic Mid Century Modern homes the face lift they needed.

At age 52 a massive stroke from a choke hold during a martial art sparing match changed everything. Despite the doctor’s original prognosis, Steven beat the odds and survived, but not without lasting complications.  “The worst day of his life and the best day”, gave Steven the opportunity to try something new in his career and something deep-rooted.  He thought he would like to become a writer, but the stroke left him incapable of reading and writing. nonetheless he has not let this get in the way of his desire to write. His unique perspective on recovery, the people he met along this journey and experiences he never would have encountered is what inspired his debut book “Stroke of Luck”.  He is working on different genres including nonfiction, articles, and poetry. He plans on lecturing to give hope to other stroke survivors about rehabilitation and inspiration, sending out the message that every cloud has a silver lining.


He is painting again, and is working on a series of contemporary pieces of his own brand. Unique in style and bright vivid colors. 

The first series titled “ID” are colorful, whimsical contemporary portraits, depicting different fields of labor. The simplicity of the lines and animated story each one tells, make you smile. His “ID” series has led him to a style all his own, that will be recognized in all of his work.


He resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Elizabeth, which is the home of his design and art studio.

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